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  1. So um, replying to myself...but I just ended up doing it the non-looping way for now. Kind of on a time-crunch... http://codepen.io/doubletake/pen/xZXqmq Now I just have to figure out how to get it to loop correctly. (the {repeat:-1 isn't working for some reason} Figured out I needed to use timelinemax and repeatdelay. I think I'm good to go. I'll leave learning loops for another day.
  2. Thanks for your response! It helps to know that the set and delayed call happen at the start of the maintimeline, I wasn't sure when they were firing. I'm not really sure how to make bspromo() only return a timeline. The counter info is needed in order for the animation to progress to the next LI/image, right? (I didn't write all of the code btw, so I'm just trying to hack together something that'll work) I'm not even sure what value this is returning: TweenLite.to( $slides.eq(currentSlide), slideTime, {autoAlpha:0} ); //fade the current slide out over the same fadein/fadeout time as the other times return; All I want to do is fade in the first image, and animate through the images one by one without having to do them individually...any ideas?
  3. Hi! So what I'm trying to do is get these to run sequentially, and for some reason, slide1 runs...then slide 2 starts followed shortly by slide 3 (2 and 3 are overlapping) $(document).ready(function(){ mainTimeline .from($outerContainer, 0.5, {autoAlpha:0}) //hides the white flash hopefully .add(slideOne()) //run first .add("panel2", "-=0.5") .add(slideTwo(), "panel2") //runs second .add("panel3", "-=0.5") .add(Bspromo(), "panel3"); //runs third }); This is my first attempt at nesting timelines and everything was working fine until adding the BSpromo function. There's something weird happening about the way it loops through the images. I need to be able to have a loop there though, in case I need to add more images into it. (The slideshow also has 6 other slides...this is the simplified version.) http://codepen.io/doubletake/pen/adLBmL/
  4. I use it for now until I get more comfortable with GSAP and can verify that the vendor my company uses won't count the cdn against our filesize limit. I really don't like GWD. It's simple, but it's also annoying. I've managed to create a few templates for changing copy that I can use and just modify the CSS as I need, but the design view likes to generate its own crazy css a lot of the time when I don't mean it to. It's kind of like design view in dreamweaver that way I guess. Necessary evil for the moment I guess, but I haven't had to do anything too fancy in it yet.
  5. wow, thanks for these! I'd love to see more examples, especially not using SVGs and maintaining a smallish filesize. How'd you find these btw?