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  1. Hi there, Just a quick question. Is it possible to create a flicker effect when images fade using the autoAlpha: 0 effect? Something like this... (I thought Elastic would help but it didn't.) TweenMax.to("#div", 1, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Elastic.easeInOut}) Thanks, Phil
  2. Pusher

    Timeline Length

    This absolutely helps! Thank you so much. I love Greensock even more.
  3. Pusher

    Timeline Length

    Hi there, Is there a basic way to calculate the length of a TimelineMax animation? I do alot of banner work with Greensock and publishers have strict 15sec limits. I can't find an example anywhere. Thanks, Phil
  4. Thanks so much for the help. I think i have it now. I was actually reading the points completely wrong. Worked it out on the bus into work. Cheers!
  5. Jack, thank you so much. That definately clears things up. Can you explain how these coordinates translate? 0, 0 300, 250 Trying to do a pretty intricate build.
  6. Hi there, I am new to draw SVG and having problem getting started. Sorry if the solution is simple. I have done tutorials and can't find the answer anywhere. Am I missing something in the attached codepen? I just want the line to draw from the top left to the bottom right. I would also like the line to appear as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ if possible. Thanks so much for any help, Phil
  7. Replying to my own topic! Is something like this the smartest way to do it? http://matthew.wagerfield.com/parallax/
  8. Hi All, Starting from 0 here. My boss has asked if a GSAP HTML5 Banner that use Smartphone Accelerometer is possible. The idea would be that i multilayered image with a foreground, mid-ground and background would 'move' with the tilt on a smartphone. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks for any help, Phil
  9. Awesome, thank you PointC! That looks perfect!
  10. Hi there, I am starting from scratch here so apologies. I have been asked by a client to trigger an animation (similar to a banner ad) based on the browser position. It would be great if the animation then reversed on scroll up. Two Q's... 1. Is this possible with Greensock? 2. Where do i start? My Codepen example is an attempt at recreating the site that the animation will eventually live on. Thank you so much for any help, Phil
  11. Pusher

    Greensock Menu

    That is awesome, thanks Diaco! I have updated the codepen. However, it now opens when i refresh the page rather then only when i click the +. Is it possible to cue the close as well with this method when a link in the <li> is selected? I was hoping to eventually make this trigger a scroll down the page. Can you also briefly explain how your above code works? Is it creating more of a toggle situation?
  12. Pusher

    Greensock Menu

    Hi all, Just trying to build a fancy mobile menu using Greensock. I was wondering what the best way to make the + expand the menu and then the x to close it. Can I change the #mobicon's onClick to onClick="menucloseFunction" with an oncomplete of the menuFunction() ? Also, I had a thought that was to reverse the menuFunction() that I thought would work something like this but the reverse is not the normal colour when i enter it. function menucloseFunction() { menu.reverse() } Thanks for any help, Phil
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    Thank you Tahir! This is perfect.
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    Hi all, This may not look like a gallery at the moment but i problem there is a method to my madness. Just wondering what the best way to make only the div that is being hovered over animate instead of all of them at once. Thanks, Phil
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    Amazing, thanks Diaco! I am going to pull this apart to get a better understanding. Cheers, Phil