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  1. Hey, I'm building a slider upon this pen and have been struggling with an "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'repeat' of undefined". The pen uses GSAP 1.11.5. It turns out that with gsap latest version, you can't do this anymore: .to($slide3, duration) This line was used to pause the slider for a "duration" period (as in "do nothing for duration seconds" more than a real pause). You can reproduce the error by updating the TweenMax dependency in the pen. After some research, and thanks to this thread, I've replaced this line with: .set({}, {}, duration) and changed the variable declaration from : duration = 4 to duration="+=4" Everything works fine now (except for the progress bar that isn't working properly in my implementation, still working on that...). I hope this can save the time it took me to figure this out to anybody wanting to use the pen. Thank you Jonathan for the code, I found it to be the best starting point for my custom slider needs!