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  1. Thank you. No I am not calling update() since the original clip remains the same. Yes probably on a retina ipad the amount of pixels to be computed is just too much... I will stick to cacheAsBitmapMatrix + vectors. Thank you very much. Great job by the way.
  2. Hi, I am building a complex app for iOS with long scrolling sprites. Actually, using BlitMask instead of scrollRect on a large Sprite, on iOS iPad retina it destroys performance instead of improving it. Is it expected or am I doing something wrong? Actually, the flow is as follows: - create BlitMask once enableBitmapMode() once onEnterFrame apply BlitMask.scrollY apply BlitMask.scrollX onCompleteMotion disableBitmapMode() it works as expected, interaction is restored on motion complete, but performance is horrible... goes from 40fps to 3fps... I export in GPU mode. Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it related to parsing a complex BMP in a retina display and uploading to the GPU? thank you very much Filippo