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  1. Diaco, what am I missing with this TweenMax.to that we went over earlier. I re-worked the css to the way it is in my actual application, and there is no animation. What am I missing? http://codepen.io/jstafford/pen/zvBKoW/
  2. Wow, that sure is simple with GSAP. By the way, I am a fan of your codepen work Diaco. Cool stuff. Thanks. John
  3. Hi, I have a working CSS3 Keyframe Animation with Cubic Bezier Transition Function (See codepen, http://codepen.io/jstafford/pen/gaMrVz). I am using this piece of code to write my first Greensock animation, but I am a little unsure where to begin. Can anyone recommend needed plugins and or strategies for converting this into a GSAP animation? Specifically, do I need all three Tweenmax, Bezier, and CSSPlugin for this? I am watching as many demos as I can and reading up on the API but would appreciate some guidance here. This will be the beginning of multiple animations that will start and stop after another. Is Timelinemax going to be of value to me? Found this, but I have more than two points that I want to go FromTo. . http://greensock.com/forums/topic/9210-convert-css-keyframes-animation-to-gsap-js/ Thanks. John
  4. Thanks for all this information Jonathan. I am only looking at using the SVG Plugin to do a CSS keyframe animation on the stroke-dashoffset of an SVG path to create an animated handwriting effect (something like here, http://codepen.io/tutsplus/pen/qdWQjL). According to your information, it doesn't sound like this will be a problem for GSAP on browsers like IE and Safari that are notorious for struggling to handle CSS animation on SVG elements. Do you agree? I appreciate your help. John
  5. Hello. I realize that the GSAP DrawSVG plugin is only available to greensock members, but what is the support in browsers like IE and others that have poor support for svg path animation like this? Does this plugin handle this cross browser support and fallback with unchanged draw effect?