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  1. Well you best way to QA the HTML banner would be to: 1. Test the banner specs (timing, loops, file sizes, etc) 2. Cross-browser check (older browsers has limited support for HTML 5. These browsers should pull the backup gif. 3. We were getting the polite loading info from DoubleClick. Now, however since all HTML5 creatives will contain the container HTML5 file, and that HTML File is always going to be the initial load file, I am able to tell what the initial load size is by counting that index file and whatever scripts or images it loads in with it or is a part of that initial HTML file. For example, if these is a slide that will be part of the polite load. etc. 4. Test the backup image by loading banner in a non HTML supported browser. This does not count for file size however, but is picked up by the user agent switcher. So this is our current test for HTML5 banners. I am hoping your QA Department will read this post.