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Tasty Sites last won the day on December 25 2015

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  1. Yup, nice one - I'd also love to read some more books about animations itself. Really enjoyed Rachel Nabors Animation at Work - that's the one I can recommend for sure If you guys have some more, please throw the titles
  2. OMG thanks, Craig! Now I know how to figure out masks for all the letters - the trick with opacity...I was doing it blindly ^^' Also, I wasn't sure that's a good way or how to align lines, but I see what you did there Thanks again, it's time to have some fun in Illustrator!
  3. Thanks Craig, That looks better - sorry this wasn't precise - my battery was blinking red ^^ I meant the edges in the middle section, tried to trace the letters precisely but there are always some 'leftovers'. I'm not sure I'm going in the right direction. After spending 6 hours in Illustrator with same results I'm convinced that there's something wrong with my approach... If you could push me in the right direction (not sure that's the right way to achieve such effect) that will make my day! Cheers
  4. Hey again - had a lot of fun using this method - now I'm trying to use that on a font in logotype that has various widths and strange curves. So far I've tried to trace one path using all the fancy stuff Illustrator has, but results are clunky like in the pen above - even when I'm using 4 paths. Any tip on how to make it better will be a huge help Happy Tweening
  5. Hello @Hugh Nivers For more on SVG export One extra tip if you want to export the WHOLE artboard with different layers etc you can export it by https://gyazo.com/e12f38bb3e754b715972acad4f4988a5 Also using Presentation attributes will save you a lot of headaches 1) 2) 3) Happy tweening
  6. Thanks again Craig, I've seen that pen somewhere here - splendid work. I haven't seen the posts though, exactly THE missing guide for me! Reading atm Happy tweening for you2
  7. That was the part I was missing/did wrong...thanks again Craig! Can't wait to use that trick everywhere BTW, about the curve (did it intentionally ^^), that was my main concern - I was able to replicate something "close enough" but that ugly hiccup was just not an option for production. Thanks <3 !
  8. Hello everyone, This one is making my head hurt for few days, there's a lot of similar topics but I just still don't get it, or maybe the thing I'm trying to do isn't possible for shapes. (Here the stroke is just large enough to reveal the shape almost instantly, but it still runs half animation in the back animating stroke-dashoffset till the end, that produces some timing issues) I'm still lacking the skill to reveal complex SVG shapes, not sure how to bite it (drawSVG solves this problem for a path) - any suggestions will be a huge help! Trying to do the same thing like @PointC did here - that looks just marvelous. Tried to deconstruct it in Illustrator, made dozens of forks, read about masks/clipping but I still feel like I miss something important. Have a lovely day and happy tweening
  9. Good to know Sahil, always thought the xPercent is the faster one ^^'
  10. Hello @benoit Looks like this is a performance glitch - I think. Probably because you are using x instead of xPercent witch is better for performance Please take a look at this pen and let us know if it solves the problem Something that also could help if you need more control over the performance https://greensock.com/docs/TweenMax/static.lagSmoothing() I'm not sure how you want to display things in the slider but maybe this small CSS change will help you. If you have any questions, please ask Happy Tweening!
  11. Thanks for sharing Shaun! Wanted to post that interview just now, good job Mine usage is pretty typical, so nothing special - just wanted to say huge THANKS, Jack, for starting this! P.S Always had the same problem with math, still, have - I prefer to watch it move
  12. After a while, I finally know what was frustrating me and why the stuff I wrote in functions wasn't responding, and all the stuff with removing, adding, controlling wasn't working as it should - if you will ever have a problem with controlling timelines held in functions be sure to first declare a variable and then assign it to the function that returns your timeline...^_^'' @Dipscom wrote something like var returned_tl = tlReturned(); a tiny bit of code somewhere in the forums and huge thanks for that - now GSAP magic works the same regardless it's in function or not and my code is much much cleaner Thanks again for the help @Sahil
  13. Yeah the path direction is like "yhhhhm did I pushed the reverse path direction - I need to export it out and see" (then do it like 3 more times with multiple paths) I lost all hope for Adobe when they shut down Edge Animate - they just aren't listening. I like illustrator but it's definitely not built for web usage. Had hoped XD will change the game, but they just went from clunky beta to full paid app that isn't worth the price (yet?). Heard Affinity is worth to try - I'll definitely check it out if they send me "the email" Would love to change software for something like Sketch - any windows alternatives besides Affinity? ;P
  14. Hello and welcome @Musharraf I would love to help you, though I'm not sure what kind of help you need - that's a pretty complex example for a beginner. Please expand so we can help you better a very simple example of looped animation that can work as a preloader. Here you will find some more info and nice comments. https://ihatetomatoes.net/create-custom-preloading-screen/ Preloaders can be very simple and the opposite, just try something small first. If you need some help with learning GSAP, Petr does a nice job Also, https://greensock.com/get-started-js should help you a million Happy Tweening =========================================================================================================================== BTW my question for anyone that can help me find some peace of mind: That (preloaders) topic is something strange, or maybe it's just me, but usually preloaders just fake loading ( do they? ), I'm curious myself is there any secret ultimate answer how to make a preloader that actually displays the whole progress of page loading - like 50% on loader bar is 10 completed requests from 20? Had few attempts to find the answer but deeper I dig the more confused I am. Shouldn't there be some native, obvious solution or we just need to download everything first and then we can fake the loader ;P? Any guidelines will be much appreciated! Cheers
  15. Thanks Craig! Spent a lot of time trying to make this as smooth as possible and had an almost identical approach for layers and export. Even had some crazy macro for File –-> Export –-> Export As --> then choose ‘Save as type: SVG’ When I discovered presentation attributes things got a lot cleaner... that cls was making me mad Adobe added the assets export panel that makes the process a little better, it exports (or should) a cleaner code for some more complex stuff https://gyazo.com/1fc0451d9022da2e1c377d637e4fcb87 It can be a bit frustrating because the options for the export are hidden, but you just change them once https://gyazo.com/b9b2562d7280039bb66c924b4f23c8e2 Not sure anyone will use this but's also worth to know that you can just select all artwork, ctrl+c and paste it anywhere https://gyazo.com/2f2c653b500d58df5f7caade7e9defc3 (edit: Probably that's the method @OSUblake mentioned ^^') A lot of crap attached to the last one, but it's handy when you just need to check smth simple. Overall, the process is a pain, the assets export sometimes crashes (exports nothing - that can be frustrating if you aren't prepared for it ;D ) - need to restart illustrator after that, not sure if that's only my thing. It still exports junk like some g id="Layer_2" But a huge benefit of it is that you can have multiple SVGs in one document and control, group, change stuff you want to export Happy Exporting