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  1. so then I should just load all the banner assets, images, etc. inside that window.onLoad, right? what i meant by QA/check is that our QA department currently has no idea how to QA an html banner. they are used to loading a swf into a validator site and noting the output. i know doubleclick is currently building one, but are possibly several months from release. I really appreciate your patience with my newbie questions. I was a flash developer for 20 years, so this transition has been quick and dirty
  2. also, is there any way to QA/check this before sending out?
  3. thank you Dipscom and cellli. we've been using edge animate and google web developer, both of which have polite load built into their publish settings, but would rather use gsap for better compatibility and control. just to be sure (sorry if i'm annoying), some typical banner specs might be "initial polite load: 64kb. total load: 2Mb." so if I understand Dipscom's javascript, the page will only load my initial html containing that window.onload() and everything else (images, gsap/jquery, etc.) will load subsequently, thus satisfying those initial load requirements?
  4. let me rephrase my question. how can i do a gsap polite load NOT FOR DOUBLECLICK? These are doubleclick templates that use the enabler and are for rich media banners. is it possible to polite load a standard banner to a 3rd party vendor using gsap?
  5. i know there is a thread about polite loading into doubleclick and their enabler. how do a do a generic polite load using gsap for 3rd party banner vendors?