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  1. Can you think of a way to take a bootstrap'ish button, containing arbitrary letters inside, and morph it into a horizontal line, then morph to a SVG animal like a bunny, then reverse the process back to a button? I want something entertaining that also prevents people clicking on a button too often.
  2. I'm new here. I'm also interested in "When the mouse is hovering near- or moving toward- something" ( not onHover event ). Like, as mouse moves toward the nearest H2 heading, the text does a subtle stagger animation. I'm not a professional coder, I just learned the difference between Pointer events, Mouse events and Touch events recently. I know it's possible to learn and code this with javascript and jQuery by hand, but I'm hoping someone has made it easier already. Does anyone have some examples, mouse-watching without click-triggering
  3. "differently()" is a possible function name too.