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  1. Hi, thanks for taking the time to write such an elaborate reply! I guess, being able to take your working machine with you (it being a laptop) must be the most comfortable solution. I hope to have this setup as soon as possible, but this will have to wait a little due to financial reasons. Copying/Mirroring the code bank to the other computer sounds like a good idea, maybe this will be my next step. I know about Version Control Systems and this might be the most professional way to do this. Until now, the technical stuff involved with that always scared me away. I thought that i had to install the svn repository on local machines which wouldn't have helped me much in my situation because i still would have had to keep two systems up to date. But i will definitely check out your suggestion with google code, which i wasn't aware of. thanks again! Sebastian
  2. you are right, i know, it is not "best practice". For example, i have to go to my older projects or collection of classes and manually copy the needed classes to the new project folder. This is error prone and can lead to different versions of classes. I do this mostly because i have to work on different machines, sometimes at a client's office, sometimes haveing to work together with other colleagues. So i find it handy to have all classes that i need in the project's folder as i can grab the folder and know that i'm done. do you see a better way in this scenario? after all, i'm "just" a designer with several years of Flash/Actionscript background and recently switching to use classes. Sebastian
  3. Hi, i vote for changing the packet-name. I have to admit, i always changed the packet-structure to com.gs.TweenLite. I like to have one "classes" folder like 'com' in each project-folder, so a change to com.greensock would be appreciated. having to replace the paths in older projects doesn't seem too bad to me, as I would only start using the new version on new projects and leave the older ones as they are. for all those who have a central location for all classes somewhere on their harddrive, you could still keep the gs.TweenLite for compiling older projects and add com.greensock.TweenLite for new projects. just my 2 cents Sebastian