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  1. I would second that. As the other two gentlemen have mentioned, it's a pretty common SPA technique, where you fake navigation manipulating the browser's history but do not refresh the page itself, therefore, you can have some elements stay in place while others come and go. Vue is my personal preference, for no other reason than being a personal opinion. React is another one, Angular... Preact... There seem to be a new one every other week. Throw a stick and pick the one that falls from the branch, you should be fine with it.
  2. I do not know what you are insinuating, sir.
  3. Hi @harp, To initialize a timeline that is paused from the get go, all you need to do is to pass a true to the paused attribute: var myTl = new TimelineMax({ paused:true })
  4. I can tell you now, next to no one is going to look at it if you give us a whole live staging site to debug... Throw a Pen together that mimics what you need to achieve with the issue in it. Then, plenty of eyes will flock to your issue. If, for whatever reason, you can't replicate the bug outside then, you got something in your code that's blocking the plugin.
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    Ah @Tootall you have just vindicated @OSUblake with this now... You got all the strange behavior because the technique I showed was not appropriate to what you are now trying to achieve. You see why Blake made the comments and why they are correct. And I now have to live with the shame! Oh the SHAME! Dang.
  6. Would it be possible to see a setup where that is occurring? Doesn't need to be your full blown project, the smaller the example the better. How about a tiny git repo with a bare-bone installation, one component throwing the fit? I too don't see why it would not work of you are bundling everything in.
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    Div follow mouse

    We'll make the web a better place once site and forum post at a time.
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    Totally. There is plenty of things along those lines out in the world. In a way it is good for the likes of us as it makes sure we will always have work to do improving those sites. On the other hand, it's pretty bad experience if the site that's doing it is one that you and other millions need to use frequently.
  9. @OSUblake that is one sweet movement here, sir.
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    Div follow mouse

    Aye, indeed Blake. Your comments are wise and welcome. The suggestions I made are specific for this particular case, mouse only hover and local coordinate as stated in the brief. The creation of the tweens outside the mousemove event is indeed a point to be noted. But give us mortals a break, we don't want to twist normal people's brains with having to calculate the physics of easing right in their first question, do we?
  11. Hey @Kota! Welcome to the forums! Have you got a reduced code example we could pick apart?
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    Div follow mouse

    Yes you can, you just have to make sure you are targeting the specific follower. See bellow for the updated example:
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    Hey guys! Mikel did beat me to it but I have a comment to make: Be aware of where your element is. Because pageX/Y, clientX/Y, offsetX/Y (amongst other attributes) all yield different values depending on a series of factors: size of the window, size of the screen, how much the page has scrolled and so on.
  14. "People"... I'd say collective assortment of singularities. Right, bedtime here. Some of us here still need sleep. Unlike some Douges that only need 2 hours per night and can lift 15 tonnes in one go, allegedly...
  15. Regardless of the answer, he wouldn't be the first one... This place is visited by CODEGODS (yourself), DemiCodeGods (@Carl), Artificial Inteligences (@Jonathan), The BlakeTrix (@OSUblake), Ninjas (@Rodrigo), Clowns (@Dipscom), nice guys (@PointC) and @Diaco... What difference would a being from the Dawn Of Time make in a forum with such population?
  16. There's a little heart button at the bottom right of each post... Some of us are suckers for those little trophies and hearts...
  17. If I may chime in myself... Hi @Doug Dodge, welcome to the forums! Oh Mighty CODEGOD! This heathen knows you know, this one is only trying to enlighten the lost ones that might not be aware, as you are in your infinite knowledge. For other mortals: here's a picture of the old computers NASA used back in the day, not that I claim to be this old... For the youngsters around - I mean, people born when I was 18 are now adults, sheesh... - Here's a little more info: https://crgis.ndc.nasa.gov/historic/Human_Computers Building up on what @Carl said: There are so many ways of achieving the same end result that it's worthless trying to find out the best one. I am aware you said you are pressed for time but still, I would say the best course of action would be for you to focus less on what library to use and get really, really good at the underlying technology. In the case of the web, it's the browsers, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The browser because that's the environment your app/site is going to be presented and each browser has its quirks. Also understanding the limitations and capabilities of the browser can be a great help. I only recently learnt that the browsers come with basic speech recognition - How amazing is that? There are tons of other things browsers do that you could leverage. Really knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript is essential if you want to make the most of your site. Don't go down and try to read the spec, it's not great fun. But do focus on the language, not on libraries. Then, as you learn the good, the bad and the ugly of each language, you will understand when and which library/framework to use. Another thing is, JavaScript for better or for worse is the way to manipulate anything inside the browser. With it you can manipulate all data inside your page, be it images, video, audio, the DOM and so on. Then, you can use GSAP to tween any of those values to your heart's content. Once again, welcome. May you have fun learning. And be sure to come back, share your experience and hopefully, in time, start helping others as well.
  18. Hi @Alexli, Welcome to the forums! Although I do not know for sure, I would suspect it is a case of browser divaness and a reduced case scenario would be the only way to figure it out - or if someone else happens to be doing the same thing as you. You can get data from a firebase in CodePen. If you would be so kind to try to get a simple pen together it would be great. Here's a some pens tagged with firebase in CodePen - maybe you can work it out by looking at some examples: https://codepen.io/tag/firebase/
  19. My personal opinion? Libraries like GSAP: External CDN link with a fallback to a self-hosted version.
  20. Hey @carljohnston.uk! Yes, But... Inside the Tween/Timeline, this refers to the Tween/Timeline itself, not to the element being targeted. You'll probably will want to use function based values ini order to target the individual element. Check the bellow blog post as it should give you some ideas on what can be done: https://greensock.com/1-19-0/
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    Well, this is a nice challenge. If I can find time (don't count on it) I'd love to tackle it.