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  1. We were on the committee! just getting back to this forum, so happy to help!
  2. Anybody out there knows how to create advanced animation with Greensocks libraries for these kind of effects. Our designers have said the best way to do to this is with Adobe After Effects, but wanted to see if anybodry in the community has experience with these kind of advanced effects. We need some help and advise for a project we have next week. Thanks Matthew
  3. ResponsiveAds has new features coming to its product shortly and looking for a couple of beta users, partners skilled in Greensock animation. Ping us at greensock@responsiveads.com if you are interested in part-taking this (gorilla testing) trial. Warm Regards, Matthew
  4. DipsCom, Thanks... We already have Yes, "STRETCH" is our term used for "Fluid Any Size Responsive HTML5 Ads" 1. You can use the editor to start with a blank canvas to create a Responsive Creative or upload a photoshop file. We are looking at other uploads as well. 2. Attach or select any of the Responsive Ad Formats you want for a Responsive Creative They can be single HTML5, or one banner with these different 300x250, 160x600, 970x250 placement sizes. They can be fixed sizes and just "swap" based on the placements from the 1st party or agency ad server ( e.g. DFP, DFA, etc..) or even have transitions between them like in this case and this partner. http://times-herald.com 3. The GSAP libraries are accessible and hosted on our CDN so you can use them to manipulate them via our JS editor. We are looking for feedback to make this better and will be working on this in 2016. It was really the first step for us. 4. Then with the fluid layout and all the elements in the responsive creative and the GSAP effects. Let us know if you need anything more. Regards, Team Responsive
  5. Dev-kp, Browser cut-offs for the ResponsiveAds Narrator product depends on the capabilities. We officially support for dynamic fluid creatives down to IE8 ( however shortly discontinued) and have an option for fallbacks ( LCD- Least common demoninator images) for obscure browsers, placements and anything less than IE8. This has been one of the challenges in the past with HTML5, but lately as all browsers go to modern specs the fallback concept is not that relevant.
  6. At the end of 2015, ResponsiveAds recently added the libraries of GSAP into its Fluid HTML5 Ad Studio- NARRATOR Studio. Now ResponsiveAds STRETCH Ad units are the first fluid HTML5 units to have the advanced features of GreenSock. Check out some of these implementations: ResponsiveAds has been developing and innovating in the fluid banner space now for several years and looking for partners and developers to work with on projects specifically related to Greensock integrations. If you are interested in working with us on some killer projects (part or full-time), please feel free to reach out to me personally. Matthew G. Snyder, CEO/Head of Product. mgs@responsiveads.com