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  1. This is all already achievable with Flash CC, no? I'm guessing they just want to distance themselves from Flash completely and package it as a new software so that's why they're renaming it but it's essentially Flash CC with updates from what I've seen (Correct me if I'm wrong!). Intriguing to see where this goes anyway and what people's reaction to it will be.
  2. I think the issue you're having is that you need a web-server to view your banner now that it's using a sprite-sheet and json. Try it in Firefox it might work (Not exactly sure why but I've found it does as opposed to Chrome). if neither works then you're going to have to set up a local web-server (I think, not 100% though).
  3. You add the click-tag to your html file in a text editor. Once you publish your banner from Flash you should get a .html file, .js file and then all of your assets. Open up your html file in a text editor and put the click-tag in there.
  4. Can someone explain to me the process of laying out a banner in a tool like photoshop or macaw, copying the css and then bringing it into a text editor and using GSAP to animate. I'm just a bit unsure. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys, Sorry if this seems a stupid question and maybe it's already been answered above but I didn't pick up a clear enough answer so going to ask away! I'm just wondering why many of you are suggesting hand-coding animation as opposed to using the timeline animation in Adobe Edge. What exactly are the benefits of it and is hand-coding definetly the way to go forward? (as of right now.) Also, maybe I've picked this up wrong but from reading some of the above posts it would seem you can use a mixture of coding and the timeline in Edge to animate. Say organizing the placement of start frame, end frame, where an object appears just before it comes on screen with the timeline and then the in between motion can be done with code. Is this correct? Thanks for any answers in advance!