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  1. I added force3D:true to all my tweens. Tested it in Chrome on PC (Win10) and the imagery pixelation was resolved. The double copy issue was resolved as well. Thank you for the help. I would have never thought of adding force3D to the parameter set to solve a quirky pixelation and double text glitch. Although one of the oddities of this issue is that the 160x600, 300x250, 728x90 & 300x600 sizes of this unit all fell victim to this issue. Yet the 970x250 did not. Live units can be found here now, perhaps not later.... http://www.cnn.com/health Thanks again, Bryan C Wienczkowski
  2. I am trying to solve an issue that recently has crept up into my banner units. The issue only seams to be isolated to the PC platform and only within the Chrome browser. My current Chrome browser is v61.0.3163.100. This URL to DoubleClick's dynamic tear sheets shows what i am talking about: https://www.google.com/doubleclick/studio/dynamic/tearsheet/#e40eaa87-fb10-47d7-90c3-96e7f1ed5c33 I have attached two screen grabs showing issues that happen. The tweening is simply fading in and out for the two frames of copy and the imagery at the end of the animations. Has an issue like this been seen by anyone seen by anyone else? Bryan C Wienczkowski
  3. I have a creation that is making use he GSAP premium add-on: morphing. https://www.redgearstudios.com/Working/PitneyBowes/MorphTest/ Seams that this add-on...which i acquired from the Greensock site as a paid premium member. Unit displays in Safari, Chrome, FF. Although in Win7, Win8 & Win8.1 with browser IE11....its a no go! Does the morphing add-on have limitations that aren't fully disclosed on the site? And if they are on the main site....i might have simply skimmed over them...frantically looking for a solution. Any help please!?! Bryan
  4. Here is a demo of a unit I am working on: https://www.redgearstudios.com/Working/SanPell/57624/300x250/Delightways_300x250.html This unit works fine in Safari and Chrome (MAC), but doesn't work at all in FireFox. In FireFox, there is an error coming up in the console: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: https://secure-ds.serving-sys.com/BurstingcachedScripts/libraries/greensock/1_18_0/TweenMax.min.js Line 15 I also have tried using Sizmek's v1_17_0 of TweenMax.min.js I also have used this link as well: https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/latest/TweenMax.min.js Same issue. Can this be part of FireFox? Is this part of my code? Thanks, Bryan C Wienczkowski
  5. I have a wave animation that i would like to utilize the MorphSVG plugin for. I figured that going from a start to finish animation just wont be possible. So i provided multiple segments of the animation to help FORCE the plugin go a certain direction. I still cannot get a smooth wave growth from my CODE and not quite understanding what is going wrong with it. If opening my code on local, the HTML should show a lower brown area that needs have a green wave pattern that grows from the top of the brown area. There is an opacity to these shapes as well...so to simply shift a green object behind the brown is not possible. Plus i would like to have a little more life from the GREEN wave formation than a simple slide in. Also the top of the brown shape is a wave (or curve), that curve line needs to be consistent for the green shape building so as not to separate. I have tried to use the shapeIndex to find the best possible solution and i still cannot get to a final result that even has minimal issues with playback. Does any one have any more insight on these type of GSAP plugin animations. Is it possible to do something this COMPLEX? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/pgKjyY
  6. I have a basic Tween: TweenMax.to(earth, 10, {top:"100px", left: "0px", ease:Sine.easeInOut, delay: d}); Note duration of the animation is set to 10seconds. Also the starting point for the "earth" object is only 20px below and and 30px to the left. In short what i have is an animation that is moving a short distance between two points and taking a long time to do it. The object is actually an image set into a DIV as a background. The resultant animation is far from acceptable, very jerky, not at all smooth. Is there any special TweenMax settings that i can utilize a higher level of precision to shift elements around in this circumstance? Had this similar animation in Flash development.....i was hoping that GSAP and HTML5 development would have had a better render. Thanks, Bryan