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  1. that is what I was trying to do, but make it into a function that I could call many times. Didn't realize it was a premium script and it was failing on the call home but not telling me.
  2. I attached the codepen I would like to make into a function. I am trying to turn targets, overlapThreshold and boxes into function arguments. When try to put a symbol into a variable it comes up empty. I have been working on a much simpler example for figuring it out. test("extinguisherYellow", "DZ_Yellow"); function test(a, { //alert(a); //alert(; var targets = sym.getSymbol(a); var boxes = sym.getSymbol(; //alert(targets); //alert(boxes); targets.deleteSymbol(); boxes.deleteSymbol(); } I know this is a stupid issue, it's been a while since I have touched JS (been in MS Access last few months . Would one of you help me remember how to set this up so I can stop feeling dumb. Thank you.
  3. That worked perfect. Had the docs open too but didn't realize the navigation on the left was sub functions. That makes thing easier now that I know that. Thanks.
  4. I started playing with edge animate last week and was using jquery-ui for my drag and drop. I then learned that there was a known bug that made it act like crap in responsive layouts. A coworker to me about greensock so I tried it out and it works good. The only issue I have run into is it seems to effect it's z-index. I have the create statement on creation complete w/ it set to disable. I also have 2 buttons that when pressed enable/disable the draggable. The dragged object becomes the top div and can cover the buttons used to toggle it. Looking online I found people trying to force it to the top but no one trying to make it stay put. is this a known issue? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am teaching myself 2 new softwares. this is how I am calling it: function init(){ var Protractor = Draggable.create(document.getElementById("Stage_MilProtractor")); Protractor[0].disable(); sym.$("move").click(function(){ Protractor[0].enable(); }); sym.$("write").click(function(){ Protractor[0].disable(); }); }