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  1. thank you for your help osublake. saw your name already a couple of times. really appreciate! and great idea! kind of hard to get it work with draggable and throwprops, i guess. but i’ll try my best, still have to learn a lot. the rows move together in vertical navigation and separately in horizontal navigation. so everything get mixed up like a rubik’s cube. but each row has a different number of slides / various cells, this is also important as far as i understand your current code.
  2. hello folks first post. and first of all – thank you for the nice work so far. i'm really glad to use all of your stuff. i want to create a fullpage.js like slider based on gsap. i used a couple of resources to build a prototype. the problem: it’s hard to get slides and sections in a loop. it works for vertical navigation, but i have no idea for the horizontal navigation. would be great to get some hints or even modifications / better solutions. best regards jakob