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  1. Yup! Solves the problem. Thank you for your quick responses.
  2. I also want to point out I'm not seeing the issue in FireFox when 'Disable Cache' is checked. It seems to be isolated to Chrome. I couldn't duplicate the issue in Chrome 73. It appears something in Chrome 74+ changed.
  3. That's very strange. Not sure why it was blank. I forked it. You can view the demo here: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/mYwJRR I also tried to remove the backgroundPosition in the style to see if that impacts the rendering. It doesn't... same issue.
  4. In Chrome 74 and Chrome 76 (Canary) with 'disable cache' checked in Dev tools, TweenMax will force a reload on the image animating when the class names are swapped or animating. In addition, there is a weird flicker that happens. The flicker could be a side effect of the force reload. See code pen. The code pen shows vanilla js and jquery working as expected. You can also look at the network to see the additional (forced) image requests. Note: GSAP's images change because its forcing a reload. Every-time placeimg.com is called, a new random image is returned.
  5. Thanks. I was hoping there was a way to restart the timeline from its initial state. For this particular case, I'll have to recreate the timeline rather than calling .restart();
  6. See code pen URL. Wait for the animation to play. In 2 seconds, a TweenMax.killTweensOf call will be made. I'm attempting to stop the autoAlpha from advancing (animating). That woks successfully. When I click on the square, I'm expecting the Timeline (frame_1_in) to restart and the first tween in the timeline to start like it originally did. However, the 'autoAlpha' property is now ignored (not what I was expecting). Is there a way to restart the Timeline and all the corresponding tweens/properties like 'killTweensOf' never happened? My intent was to only use killTweensOf once--- with it not impacting the timeline after it restarted.
  7. Conversant

    Loaded Plugins

    Is there a way to see what plugins are loaded? For example, I want to be able to detect if CustomEase or ScrollTo is available on a page.