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  1. Hi,


    I had try using the TransformManager and it work pretty cool on a independent .swf file. No problem with moving, scaling or rotating.


    But once i load this .swf to another .swf via loadMovie, the scale and rotation no longer work :(

    i'm still able to move the movieClip around, and the handle does appear also. But when i try to scale or rotate via the handle, it simply disappear.


    did i do anything wrong or something?




  2. Hi, i have this following code that add item dynamically to the stage. But it there is some problem with it.


    For the 3rd item i insert and move, it will remove the 1st item

    for the 6th item i insert and move, it will remove the 2nd item

    for the 9th item i insert and move, it will remove the 3rd item

    for the 12th item i insert and move, it will remove the 4th item


    but the item will not be be remove if i just simple insert and not move the item. So i suspect the problem is with the "forceSelectionToFront" which kinda change the depth of the item and cause the problem.


    here is my code


    // transform manager
    var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[], bounds:{xMin:-300, xMax:700, yMin:-300, yMax:650}, forceSelectionToFront:true, scaleFromCenter:true, allowDelete:true, constrainScale:true, lineColor:0xa23a3b, handleFillColor:0x888888, eventHandler:onAnyEvent});
    // add item to stage
    totalDesignItem = 1;
    totalDesignCount = 0;
    stageWidth = miniStage._width;
    stageHeight = miniStage._height;
    for (i=1; i<=totalDesignItem; i++) {
    this.cpanel.panel2.elementMc["elementTn"+i].btn.onRelease = function() {
    	totalDesignCount += 1;
    	id = this._parent._name.substr(9, 2);
    	miniStage.itemHolder["stageElement"+totalDesignCount]._x = stageWidth/2;
    	miniStage.itemHolder["stageElement"+totalDesignCount]._y = stageHeight/2;
    	// add item to transform manager



    any idea where did i go wrong?


    thanks in advance :)