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  1. Thanks Carl for the prompt reply. I found the same tutorials, which you suggest above, last night and continued to develop my concept. The video is a great help and LoaderMax works brilliantly. I have still got a lot to solve but I'm getting there. Your advise on displaying the content is very helpful. Is there anything I should consider to ensure that once downloaded the images will persist in my user's cache should they return to view them again? I understand that the user's browser cache settings are beyond my control but if I organise all of the downloaded media into say an arrayCollection or dictionary of some type should I add the imageLoader objects into it or their respective content?
  2. I am developing a Flex application which will allow a user to drag an HSlider left and right to display a series of images (like a flicker book). I am new to LoaderMax but it appears to be just what I need for efficiently loading the images ready for the user to interact with. If I am correct in my understanding I create a new LoaderMax object, define eventListeners to monitor the cycle of events and then I can append an ImageLoader for each image I want to load. I can then call the .load method to load the images. What I can't seem to grasp is how I can display the resulting loaded images and change them as the HSlider is moved. Can I define a Spark Image in my mxml View and bind its source to a variable in my presenter which changes as the HSlider is moved? I see there is a FlexContentDisplay class but I can't figure out how to place this in my View. Thanks