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  1. Very nice, Diaco! This is exactly what I was looking for. You all rock, appreciate the timely response and elegant solution. Do you mind elaborating a bit on what this code is doing? Would love to learn about the details here.
  2. Hi! New to Greensock, but very much impressed with the tools - this stuff is truly incredible. I'm hoping to get some help with a text animation I am creating using SplitText. I would like to animate the text from the center of the sentence out (as seen in attached gif). Can anybody help point me in the right direction on this? So far, I've been able to create a similar effect using: 'TweenMax.staggerFrom(mySplitText.chars, 0.6, {y:100, autoAlpha:0, ease: Circ.easeOut}, 0.05);' However, that is not exactly the effect I am looking for. Is there anything inn particular I should be looking at to create this effect? Possibly leveraging TimelineMax for the animation timing functions?