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    Shake object in place

    Hi Guys, thanks for all your answers. My thoughts go more to very short solutions which are easy to apply to different circumstances. Maybe I will write a plugin based on the "shaking code" provided which accepts a bunch of parameters (amplitude of x,y,z,rotation, scaleX, scaleY,... and duration of a shake). I use canvas and want to shake bitmaps after a "hit" in a game. stot
  2. I wonder if there is a way to shake an object in place around its current position. I tried RoughEase and tweening from x,y to x,y with the same value. But the shaking will only be visible when they differ. Is there a simpler way than use an onUpdate callback? Thanks
  3. thanks for all the answers. toAnimate is an easeljs bitmap. It seems that omitting the callback is not an option since 0 and 1 will not work. thanks anyways
  4. Hi Guys, I try to set a boolean value in the TimelineMax.set() method, like this: tl.set(toAnimate, { y: 50, visible:"true", // also tried visible:true alpha: 1 }) But this gives me a NaN value of the visible property of my toAnimate object. But neither visible:"true" nor visible:true are working. The solution using a callback seems for me a bit over sized (see here http://greensock.com/forums/topic/2456-tweening-boolean-value/) Is this the only solution?