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  1. Thanks for that @PointC! I guess i'll stick with Scroll Magic. I'm not a very experienced with writing Javascript so I have to use plugins like this (for the time being). I saw @OSUblake mentioned in one of the posts you linked that they may be including a utility for scroll triggers in the future - which would be incredible (I'm guessing a large percentage of GSAP projects want animations to be triggered at a scroll point?). Looking forward to hopefully see that come to fruition! Cheers, Jack
  2. Hi, I'm just curious as to what people's go-to approaches are for scroll triggered animations with GSAP these days. I played around with Scroll Magic years ago. Is that still the best tool? Particularly looking for something with good mobile performance. Are there any others that work well with GSAP? Thanks in advance, Jack
  3. Yep that's exactly what I was after - thanks so much guys for the fast and extremely helpful replies. It's easy to get bogged down with these little things when you're starting out and you've certainly saved me some grey hairs - very grateful. Cheers!
  4. PS sorry when I click that codepen link it doesn't work for some reason? here is a link to my profile though http://codepen.io/bilbs87/, it's the only pen I have
  5. Thanks again Diaco.AW! I'll give that a try. Just another quick one regarding this animation i'm trying to get going. Here is a codepen to make things easier - codepen.io/bilbs87/pen/vOOybW You'll notice the second part of the animation I have the lines animating in. I'd like them to expand from the centre instead of from the left. Should I be using a different property than scale to achieve this? I tried playing around with transform origin but didn't have any luck. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Just getting started and this is probably a very easy answer but I haven't been able to turn up anything so far. I'm trying to create a very simple animation of a site's logo on page load like so: TweenMax.from(".logo-svg", 1, {y:-100, scale:0.85, opacity: 0, delay: 2}); However, as the script is being loaded last at the bottom of the page, the logo is flashing up for a second before the animation is triggered. I know I could stop this by setting the opacity of the logo to 0 in the css, then use TweenMax.to instead, but the .from method is much more intuitive to build the animation with (especially as I want to chain a few more animations on). Is there a simple solution to hide the element before the animation's triggered? I've tried playing round with immediateRender but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Thanks in advance, Jack PS sorry for lack of code pen but I wasn't sure it'd be too useful given the query is more to do with the order of assets loading.
  7. Hi Diaco.AW, Thanks for the reply! That's great news. Do you know of an example Codepen where someone has done something similar? I'm having some trouble achieving this in practice. Kind Regards, Jack
  8. Hi, I'm new to using GSAP and was wondering whether it was possible to create elastic SVG animations such as the ones in this Codrops article http://tympanus.net/Development/ElasticSVGElements. They're using SnapSVG which i've heard a lot about but never used. Can this kind of effect be achieved with GSAP alone or is there a plugin to integrate some of the Snap functionality? Thanks in advance, Jack