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  1. Hi, I'm facing the same problem now in that calling 'disable' onThrowEnd is not allowing the throwProps to work. I'm using a later version than 0.10 though, I'm on 0.13 - is there a new way to stop this problem in the latest code? Thanks Dan
  2. Yes, that works and makes perfect sense. Thanks ever so much for your help. Dan
  3. Hi Diaco Here you go - http://codepen.io/danrostron/pen/MYNdWa. If you spin the Throw me box, you will see 'endValue' being logged in the console. Every time you spin, the value is being incremented. I need to somehow reset this value after the spin is complete. Currently, the only way I can think to do this, is by recording the history in a seperate var and deducting this off the new endValue every time a spin occurs. I just wondered if there was a better solution than this? Thanks Dan
  4. Hi I'm using the Draggable Util to create a spinning wheel, and using the throwProps:true property. When I listen for the snap function, the endValue is being incremented for each spin of my wheel. Is there a way to reset this after each spin? Thanks Dan