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  1. I had to play around with my main element and body element's overflow property to fix.
  2. Guys I have a problem where I am using the scrollTo plugin and it does not scroll at all on iOS 10 in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome at all. As a test to see if this problem could reproduced outside my code base, I loaded up http://greensock.com/docs/#/HTML5/GSAP/Plugins/ScrollToPlugin/ in iOS 10 and the codepen example on that page also fails in iOS 10 works fine on Desktop browsers. Any ideas what is going on? Are you aware of this issue?
  3. The problem is with my code and not with GSAP. I have new timelines created on every click. How will it reverse something that it doesn't have a previous reference to? The solution would be to create the timelines outside of the click event and then based on the state, get that instance of the timeline and play forward or reverse the animation.
  4. Is it possible to reverse a master timeline within GSAP? I know you can reverse a timeline that is not nested. Here's the code: // hide copy content divs const hideCopyContentDivsTl = new TimelineMax() hideCopyContentDivsTl.to(copyContentDivs, 1, { height: 0, width: 0, autoAlpha: 0 }) // shrink copy wrapper div const shrinkCopyWrapperTL = new TimelineMax() shrinkCopyWrapperTL.to(copyWrapperDiv, 1, { width: '2%', height: '4%' }) // fade remove bg and change to white const fadeLargeBgImgTl = new TimelineMax() fadeLargeBgImgTl.to(largeImage, 1, { backgroundColor: "#fff" }) // the master timeline to manage the parts const masterTimeline = new TimelineMax({paused: true}) masterTimeline.add(hideCopyContentDivsTl) .add(shrinkCopyWrapperTL) .add(fadeLargeBgImgTl) // assume that there is a mechanism to change the state of playVideo between true and false if (this.state.playVideo === false) { console.log("should play: ", masterTimeline) masterTimeline.play() } else { console.log("should reverse: ", masterTimeline) masterTimeline.reverse() } I can get it to play forwards, just not in reverse. Do I need to tell the browser where to start in the timeline so that it can play in reverse? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38440731/greensock-animation-platform-is-it-possible-to-reverse-nested-timelines