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  1. Hey there rets85,


    I've been building ad banners for over a decade and it still butters my bread. You can see all my work on my now outdated website when you like: mediagarbage.com - just go to the portfolio and click on any of the ad tiles there you can see my work. I am fast, easy to communicate with, I use native methods and not plugins, and I am familiar with all the different media serving platforms like Doubleclick Studio and Sizmek etc. I currently handle all of the digital display work for Sotheby's International Realty globally as well as all of PBS programming domestically and in England. I really like the work you showed as an example and would be interested to take that project on. I already know pretty much how I would tackle it. I will email you directly about my quote. Thank you!

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  2. Thanks for getting back to me, Jack. Actually the mask is rendering fine but I can't move the mask as I would like from JS. I want to put up a Codepen but right now I am under the gun for EOD so I'll have to approach this later tonight or sometime next week. Thanks for getting back to me though - I will post asap.

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  3. Hey all,


    I've been messing with masking to get a shine effect on buttons when mouseover takes place but I can't seem to get GSAP to affect "-webkit-mask-position".

    I want to give up a code pen but that wold require a bunch of time which I don't have tonight. Just wondering if anyone has successfully used this before.



  4. OK, yeah that's sensible. I will echo the sentiment that a .get() type of method for that kind of stuff would be nice. Maybe width is not in the transform but I set it and change it all the time through GSAP so a getter prop would be quite helpful! Thank you for all that you guys do!

  5. Hey Carl,


    Thank you very much for the help! I figured it was a targeting issue but I was getting some response, just not the proper one. And it's my pleasure keeping your awesome work secure - you guys make a great product, are always right there for me when I have issues, and I have always and continue to recommend GSAP to my friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work and you will keep getting my money ;)



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  6. Hey all,


    I think I must be overlooking something pretty basic here - would appreciate any help.


    I simply want to animate this heart which is broken into 2 strokes, "heartL" and "heartR." I want each stroke to animate 0-100% but I can't seem to get them to work.

    2 Quick notes:

    1. I am adding the SVG from JS because that's what I need to do in my particular case outside this example. 

    2. I don't know how to add drawSVGplugin in codepen bc I only have a local copy and didn't want to put it up somewhere where people could just steal it... 


    Thanks for any help you can offer!


    See the Pen xqYQbj by bigmamainthemud (@bigmamainthemud) on CodePen

  7. I'm just trying to implement my own morph and I keep getting the same error:

    "invalid morphSVG tween value"


    Can someone tell me what I am missing or overlooking? This is someone else's code mostly but I'm trying morph for the first time.. just can't get it to work.



    See the Pen bZmGjw by bigmamainthemud (@bigmamainthemud) on CodePen