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  1. Hey there rets85, I've been building ad banners for over a decade and it still butters my bread. You can see all my work on my now outdated website when you like: mediagarbage.com - just go to the portfolio and click on any of the ad tiles there you can see my work. I am fast, easy to communicate with, I use native methods and not plugins, and I am familiar with all the different media serving platforms like Doubleclick Studio and Sizmek etc. I currently handle all of the digital display work for Sotheby's International Realty globally as well as all of PBS programming domestically and in England. I really like the work you showed as an example and would be interested to take that project on. I already know pretty much how I would tackle it. I will email you directly about my quote. Thank you!
  2. OK thanks. I have used both now and they are both working so that's good. Thanks!
  3. So "Webkit" can be both capitalized and lower case, eh? That's unusual. Why is that?
  4. Duuuuuuude hahaha. Yes. Now I am wondering why I wasn't able to make that happen. Hmmm. If I figure out what was breaking it for me I'll chime in. Thanks a ton! GSAP 4EVAH! B
  5. MouseOver this and hold. You will see the -webkit-mask-position animate. I have not been able to do this with GSAP but I would really like to be able to.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me, Jack. Actually the mask is rendering fine but I can't move the mask as I would like from JS. I want to put up a Codepen but right now I am under the gun for EOD so I'll have to approach this later tonight or sometime next week. Thanks for getting back to me though - I will post asap.
  7. Hey all, I've been messing with masking to get a shine effect on buttons when mouseover takes place but I can't seem to get GSAP to affect "-webkit-mask-position". I want to give up a code pen but that wold require a bunch of time which I don't have tonight. Just wondering if anyone has successfully used this before. Thanks!
  8. OK, yeah that's sensible. I will echo the sentiment that a .get() type of method for that kind of stuff would be nice. Maybe width is not in the transform but I set it and change it all the time through GSAP so a getter prop would be quite helpful! Thank you for all that you guys do!
  9. Is there no xOrigin, yOrigin? And why not width and height? I've always wondered why those were missing.
  10. Hey Carl, Thank you very much for the help! I figured it was a targeting issue but I was getting some response, just not the proper one. And it's my pleasure keeping your awesome work secure - you guys make a great product, are always right there for me when I have issues, and I have always and continue to recommend GSAP to my friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work and you will keep getting my money B
  11. Hey all, I think I must be overlooking something pretty basic here - would appreciate any help. I simply want to animate this heart which is broken into 2 strokes, "heartL" and "heartR." I want each stroke to animate 0-100% but I can't seem to get them to work. 2 Quick notes: 1. I am adding the SVG from JS because that's what I need to do in my particular case outside this example. 2. I don't know how to add drawSVGplugin in codepen bc I only have a local copy and didn't want to put it up somewhere where people could just steal it... Thanks for any help you can offer! B
  12. I'm just trying to implement my own morph and I keep getting the same error: "invalid morphSVG tween value" Can someone tell me what I am missing or overlooking? This is someone else's code mostly but I'm trying morph for the first time.. just can't get it to work. Thanks!
  13. Not seeing this work in Safari. Anyone else w that issue?