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  1. My environment is still "in the browser" by the way, just using Durandal (including RequireJS) and dependency injection, the objects aren't in the global namespace. Getting everything working with RequireJS has been a challenge, but I think I am finally there.
  2. I'm having fun getting Draggable and TweenMax working with RequireJS (as part of a Durandal project). I think there might be a bug in Draggable, it looks to me like it is missing a dependency definition for CSSPlugin. The define for it looks like this: _gsScope._gsDefine("utils.Draggable", ["events.EventDispatcher","TweenLite"], function(EventDispatcher, TweenLite) { On line 1757 CSSPlugin gets referenced as a global object: setRatio:(_isOldIE ? function() { TweenLite.set(target, tempVars); } : CSSPlugin._internals.setTransformRatio || CSSPlugin._internals.set3DTransformRatio) This line fails with an exception when I am loading Draggable via RequireJS. I have fixed it by changing the define call to: _gsScope._gsDefine("utils.Draggable", ["events.EventDispatcher","TweenLite", "plugins.CSSPlugin"], function(EventDispatcher, TweenLite, CSSPlugin) { Does this look like a valid fix or am I missing some other reason why this call to CSSPlugin as a global object should be like it is ?
  3. Thanks guys, just when you think you know something about CSS some other quirk shows up... (I'm new to the the animation)
  4. On Safari and Chrome the zIndexBoost functionality doesn't work if the element you are dragging isn't absolutely positioned. If you drag one of the boxes to the right, you'll find it is underneath the boxes it is being dragged over. I can see that larger z-index values are getting applied, but they don't take effect for some reason that I don't understand. It all works fine in Firefox, but not in Chrome/Safari on OSX and on mobile Safari I've created a CodePen to demonstrate the issue: http://codepen.io/andynormancx/pen/vEPvxb