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  1. Juc1

    Text fill on hover

    @PointC thank you ?
  2. Juc1

    Text fill on hover

    Hi all, I forked Mikel's codepen from When my SVG is a rectangle the 3 second duration works ok = But when my SVG is text, the 3 second duration seems to be ignored = Any ideas please why the duration does not work for the text? Thanks...
  3. Juc1

    repeat / repeatdelay

    Hi all, Suppose my timeline has various events adding up to say 12 seconds - to wait 8 seconds after the last event and then begin the timeline again. I can use var tl1 = new TimelineMax({repeat: -1, repeatDelay: 8}), but can I instead say something like "run the timeline every 20 seconds" so suppose the timeline is 12 seconds long it would run at seconds 0 -12 then again at 20 - 32 then 40 - 52, then 60 - 72 etc Thanks...
  4. Juc1

    var not moving (newbie)

    @PointC ok thanks this was the bit I was not getting "It's units, but unless you specify another unit (em, pt, cm etc...) it's assumed to be equivalent to the same number of pixels" - I read this about Viewport (which I think is not declared in a responsive SVG) but I did not know the same applied to Viewbox. I have kept my original codepen to remind myself how not to do it so... http://codepen.io/Juc1/pen/GoZzRB http://codepen.io/Juc1/pen/zrqyVB Anyway it is much clearer now - thanks for your help and patience
  5. Juc1

    var not moving (newbie)

    @PointC that is all very helpful thank you - the one thing I am missing is do you mean that my Viewbox ="0 0 7.2 7" defines the size of my SVG as 7.2 x 7 pixels? If so I guess I misunderstood the meaning / purpose of "Viewbox". Thanks...
  6. Juc1

    var not moving (newbie)

    @ PointC ok thanks so when you said before "the original square is only 7x7 pixels" @ PointC yes I get that but then how did you get from this to saying that "the original square is only 7x7 pixels"? I could be wrong but I thought that the Viewbox was like a graph / map on which the svg is drawn so if the graph is 7.2 x 7 units then a rectangle of 5.5 x 5.5 units takes up 5.5 / 7 = about 78% of the graph area. I am not sure where the pixels come in to this. Thanks...
  7. Juc1

    var not moving (newbie)

    @PointC or anyone - just getting back to this - where in my SVG file (made in AI) does it say my square should be 7 x 7 pixels? Thanks...
  8. Juc1

    var not moving (newbie)

    @ PointC yes that helps thanks. I need to do some reading on the viewport / viewbox etc stuff.
  9. Juc1

    var not moving (newbie)

    Thanks @ PointC and Diaco - I was hoping to target the svg child element. But anyway another thing - in my updated codepen (same url as above) I want to say move 100px to the right and then 50px down - but the result seems to be a lot more than 100px and a lot more than 50px. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks...
  10. Hi all, Any ideas please why my square is not moving? Thanks...
  11. Juc1

    Flickering Text

    @OSUblake ok thanks...
  12. Juc1

    Flickering Text

    Hi all, I just noticed this link retweeted by https://twitter.com/greensock - I like the cool flickering "Dim Sum" text - any ideas please how to do this or are there any codepens out there for this sort of flickering thing? Thanks...
  13. Juc1

    Typewriter effect

    This codepen http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/QwmegN?editors=001 does not seem to load...
  14. OK thanks @ Diaco and Jonathan and yes those two videos are very helpful...