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  1. ok first to buy your tool and avoid "30-day money-back guarantee" My app is big and there are many clips inside others clip : could you publish online or send to me by email an example like http://blog.greensock.com/transformmanageras3/ but with clip with childs ? example: clip1 clip2.clip2a.clip2b clip3.textfield so I can test it first online thanks
  2. have I to pay $ 299 + $150/year when the project is online ? correct ?
  3. on your licensing page : "The basic rule of thumb is if you do not charge end users a license fee for your product, you do not need the commercial license that comes with a corporate Club GreenSock membership." If I change the business model : I develop the application , designer pay me as a service to customize greeating card but their clients (end user) don't pay to see the work on internet. is the project on Corporate level ? thanks
  4. ok now I think is all clearly. you tool is very usefull and I know that you are work hard on it (I'm developer too) but ... why Corporate level ? I'm not share the code to others , I develop an application where there are many components and the presence of your component is 8 % approximately of the full project ( database, server , front end interface, back and interface, other tools, etc, etc) . The application is on one server and I ask a fee for pay server, administration server, connection ,future upgrate , add other more features into the application etc , etc . "my personal cosideration" I think that developers could be encourage to create new applications and new work opportunity so your tool could live into many projects. if my app is not into corporate level developers are without wings are you sure that my app is into corporate level ? thanks
  5. some doubts ???? the scenario for custom greating card site could be: 1)I develop the site, the end users customize design of their greating card then pay to send it. 2) I develope the site ,sell to designers as software as a service , designers customize design then they sell to their clients. I'm the only developer of the project . what about on scenario 1 and 2 ?
  6. For example: if I develop a site to customize electronic greating card and sell the service to some desiners but the end user that recive the greating card don't pay , what licensing I need ?
  7. hi I would like to develop a commercial site that use your tool , need I a single user license or multi-user licenses ?
  8. hi can I add them (TransformManager instances) dynamically ? thanks
  9. hi your note:NOTES / LIMITATIONS : All DisplayObjects that are managed by a particular TransformManager instance must have the same parent " I have on the stage: clip1 clip2.clip2a.clip2b clip3.textfield can I transform clip1 , clip2, clip2a, clip2b, clip3, textfield ? if yes or no how can ? thanks
  10. hi I need to load a project ( with your as3 trasforming tool made in Flash 9) into Flex I download your Transform_Sample_AS3.swf from your site and load into Flex project by SWFLoader and don't works . why ? thanks
  11. Hi can TransformManager resize flash components like Label , scrollpane, button etc.. and not change aspectratio ? thanks Ivan