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  1. Thanks for the extra info. Hope they take care of this one day...
  2. Fantastic, this works very well! Would this solution be very heavy performance wise? Thanks a lot for the help!
  3. I am trying to create floating circular image mask using svg clip-path. It works fine in Firefox and Chrome but Safari somehow cuts off the clipped image. Resizing the browser seems to (temporarily) solve the issue. I have no clue what is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. No, I don't have another system nearby at the moment. I will try when I get the chance. If you don't see the flickering on a Macbook Pro + FF than it seems like it's something related to my specific setup. In any case my initial issue has been resolved. Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated!
  5. The elements are displaying correctly but there is like a faint flickering on the whole browser window. A bit hard to explain... are you on windows too Jack? I am on macOS so maybe it's mac+firefox specific thing? I also noticed the fuzzy/sharp/fuzzy/sharp thing going on. I think it's acceptable for this animation although it looks a lot better on safari/chrome.
  6. I did another test using an img element and that improved things a lot! I still get an occasional stutter in Firefox but I think that's acceptable. A new problem arises though. I new get some sort of flickering in Firefox. Any ideas? See the new pen here: http://codepen.io/gerben/full/VPbYBB/
  7. Hi guys, thanks for the quick replies! @jonathan: yes, codepen does seem to add some extra lag/stutters. I am not really bothered by slight stutters of 300th of a second though. It's in firefox where it really starts to get problematic. Did you check in Firefox? Here is an example outside codepen for better reference: http://preview.frodoschering.nl/pattern-animation-2/ @jack: I tried a png with the same results. The threshold you are referring too sounds like a possible cause of the problem although I am not sure how I could fix that. I did not try using a regular img element instead of a background-image yet. I will try and see if that helps. I am also wondering if I could do something to change/simplify the animation somehow and improve performance? Thanks again for the help, really appreciate it!
  8. Hi there, I have created this background pattern animation and it works smoothly on safari/chrome/IE but I am experiencing some kind of stutter/lag in firefox. It even causes lag outside the browser when using other programs (OS X/macbook pro). I have searched the forum and tried all possible solutions I could find (force3D:true, rotation:0.01, etc.) but no luck. Would really appreciate any help as I am stumbling in the dark here. Oh and thanks for an awesome framework! Great stuff! Note: somehow when using codepen the strokes are blurry. This doesn't happen when working on my test server: http://preview.frodoschering.nl/pattern-animation-2/ so probably unrelated to the above issue.