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  1. Thank you so much your function will help a lot ! Have a nice day !
  2. Hi, I would like to change the transformOrigin after a first animation of the scale (for make in the future another animation with a différent origin). The problem is that there is a jump. Is there a solution for avoid it ? Thanks you in advance ! PS : I made a codepen with minimal code (https://codepen.io/daweed31/pen/WBPMaQ). The real project is more complexe : scale a grid of picture with a vertical transformOrigin equal of the scroll, and when the user decides reverse the scale with a different transformOrigin. You can see a gif of the real project here (10Mb) : felixfaure.fr/images/gsap_transform_origin.gif
  3. daweed31

    Animating SVG with GSAP

    Awesome, thanks ! smoothOrigin for normal DOM elements please ! ! ! :) Meanwhile have you a trick to avoid jump for normal DOM elements ?