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  1. Hi all, I have a banner which is put in a website. If I put it in header(visible view of website) -> work perfect. If I put it in a footer and we don't see it at the first time. When I scroll down, banner don't play like the way I want. I have a movieclip named "book", it's have two "stop();" inside. It seem "onComplete" just fired once when banner is in invisible view of website. Is this a bug of TweenLite or I do someting wrong? Thank you for your help. function playIt(evt:Event=null){ book.play(); } function anim(){ TweenNano.to(txt1, 1, { alpha:1, delay:.1 }); TweenNano.to(txt2, 1, { alpha:1, delay:1 }); TweenNano.to(book, 1, { x:152, y:167, rotation:16, delay:3, onComplete:playIt}); TweenNano.to([txt1,txt2], 1, { alpha:0, delay:10 , onComplete:playIt}); TweenNano.to(txt3, 1, { alpha:1, delay:10 }); TweenNano.to(txt4, 1, { alpha:1, delay:11 }); }