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  1. Thanks ice-frog, i do my best to get done the new release soon:)! Thank you Carl for taking the time to try out, i hope you'll have fun with it! (And i can't thank enough for the power of GSAP which makes this possible) I would be glad to have the chance chatting about this with you guys! All the best!
  2. Thanks again Jonathan! That is right but last time i checked, FF had serious performance issues about animating element inside the shadow dom. Although i'm sure they gonna pull this out soon:)
  3. Thanks Jonathan! A soon as they release the Shadow DOM support it will run on Firefox (and probably the browser extension will be released for ff too:).
  4. Hi GreenSock forum! I'd like to show you this alpha state editor tool for GSAP. It'd be great to know what you think about it (opinions, suggestions, feature requests, ...everything that could help to aim the development into the right direction:) Briefly, it puts traditional animation tools over your page so you can pick dom elements animate them on timeline then save the animations in a .js file what you can easily add to your project. Github: https://github.com/animachine/animachine Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/animachine-alpha/gpnfomkfgajaojpakbkikiekmajeojgd @animachinejs