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  1. Hi,


    Have very strange behaviour that is not working only in Google Chrome but works in Firefox. I need to make it work in Chrome, can you help me with a hint?


    I have a cube with only side pages (without top and bottom) - so I have 4 pages and I rotate them for 90 degrees left and right.

    Here is the the LIVE example (everything is in a page - libraries are taken from CDN, CSS is inline, no images):



    How to simulate the error:

    • Start Google Chrome and go to http://www.cloomo.com/problem
    • Go to the Page 3 (it has green background) and you will see that links "Back 2" and "Page 4" are not working and their text can not even beselected with a mouse.
    • You can come to Page 3 by clicking on "Page 2" > "Page 3" or "Left" > "Left"

    Can you help me to make these links clickable?

    Is there an error in CSS styles or in GreeSock library? I can not find it.


    Another question:

    Is it possible to make it more smooth?