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  1. No problem or anything, just advices & experience feedback I've ben using coffeescript for like 2/3 years, and right now getting into those greensock' super-tools Problem is, greensock ends up being quite unreadable with coffeescript Simple example (those examples aren't here to show anything work) : Javascript : http://codepen.io/bbnnt/pen/RNBjpR?editors=001 Coffeescript (quick and dirty translation via js2coffee of the previous one) : http://codepen.io/bbnnt/pen/MYBOpq?editors=001 Coffeescript (another snipper a bit more worked out) : http://codepen.io/bbnnt/pen/jEpamz?editors=001 Oh wait… There are no onComplete or whatever options yet Complex greensock+coffee animations -> skyscrapers ! Acknowledging a lack of experience on my side, but I hope this "problem" is relevant enough I'd look for advices to use greensock with coffeescript, in a more readable and efficient way; if anyone has tips on this
  2. I use different tween function at different points of a script; to clean code a bit, Id like to define things a bit more globally. It might be an obvious question, but I could not find a clue about how to define the easing used in different tweenmax actions as a global variable. Does it have to be accessed or defined specifically ?