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  1. Totally raising this from the dead but this is because of the animation inaccurately repainting insufficient area... quick fix is to add box shadow or outline. Check out this Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9983520/webkit-animation-is-leaving-junk-pixels-behind-on-the-screen
  2. @Tim when you use SVG for text I assume that means the design maintains the same breaks across the banner sizes? Or do you have diff SVGs for say a leaderboard as opposed to a skyscraper? Lots of great information here guys! Thanks. Also if you guys have links to trafficked examples could you post them? Thanks!
  3. I didn't respond to the initial survey because I have yet to build a H5 banner. I've spent many years using your great AS2 + AS3 libraries to build fantastic flash banners. One thing that concerns me is browser differences... Those of you who have built HTML5 banners have you run into layout issues? Fonts rendering slightly different causing layouts to not be pixel perfect? With Flash you always had that feeling that what you created will look the same across all browsers. With HTML5 Banners... I havent a clue? Or is this not really a problem at all? Thanks guys
  4. I read through the article and I agree with all points. But what exactly are you guys saying is the solution? A shift in thinking by publishers? Whats the solution right now given the 40kb restriction? Recommend clients only use those networks the exclude GSAP from file size calcs? Thanks!