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  1. Hi Carl, Thank you for the reply and info. So there is no basic Greensock method that uses StageVideo?
  2. Hello all, What I am looking for is very simple, but I have yet to find a solution - hopefully someone here can help! I need a GreenSock savior! I am creating a public kiosk for an android tablet (HP Slate 17) using Flash CC-2014 Pro, and the screen saver is a short video. All I need the video to do is loop indefinitely (and reliably) when the screen is not in use. Seems simple enough! I first tried the built-in Flash Pro video player with FLV and H264 files - easy enough to implement, but after a few hours the video freezes. No good. I then read up on "StageVideo" and how it utilizes the GPU of the tablet which should improve the performance. Sounds promising, but I haven't had any luck getting a working example that loops... This non-looping tutorial works fine on iOS (an iPad 2), but I get no video at all when I switch to Android: http://01am.co.uk/blog/stagevideo-ios-air (*Note: You also don't see any video when testing the movie directly from Flash, but I understand that this is normal. You have to publish to the device to see it). I tried all of the samples posted here on the Android tablet - the video does play and loop some times, but more often than not the video does NOT loop after a few minutes (obviously no good either): http://greensock.com/forums/topic/6567-video-stop-between-loop/ Many of the other tutorials/examples out there are for Flex or Flash Builder and are not helping (I'm using Flash Pro). Here is a link to the non-looping version from the first link, but honestly I'm not sure if that's the best route or not. Is there a basic GreenSock StageVideo example or tutorial available? This will potentially make or break this project, so I appreciate any help! Thanks!