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  1. Thanks, i Will try iT this evening. ps. From the hype forum i get a question that greensock is a paid service and that i can’t use iT without paying of something??
  2. Hello, again.. a year or 2 ago i started with gs in adobe edge of animate but after the stopped the software is was out of greensock I have found (i think) a better program, called hype i can activated gs in this program, but all the animation is playing at the same time...does anybody know how i can solve this? TweenMax.from(".disc2", .2, {left:"200px"}, 0) TweenMax.from(".disc3", .3, {right:"150px"}, 2)
  3. oke thanks, you mean there is a export in Animate to video? javascript/html, jpeg, oam, svg(pictures) is the only thing i see... Sorry i see some youtube's, im gonna jump in it
  4. thanks but i make my animations in Adobe Animate..and get a .html with .js file i think it isn't possible for the way i work, sad because i could make a lot of animations for Facebook the other way is in animated gif...but that are more pictures in a row...
  5. Hello, we do a lot of picture advertising on Facebook...i'd like to do some animation with gsap...but Facebook don't accept an html5-folder...only gifs i believe... someone with the same issue? or solving? grt cartimundi
  6. hello, thanks, they look good! how do you mean..can i export these and import them in a banner, which is animate by (gsap) code?
  7. Hello, i'm making banners with greensock...and LIKE IT...however i'm not a pro, more a newbie... i can animate most things, but now i want to have a walking man or doll....i can make it with a timeline ( and a mask ) every frame another action of the man... but can't play the timeline together with the code (of greensock) is there a way to let the man walk with greensock code in Adobe animate CC?? hope to hear as soon as possible...deadline;-(
  8. can i use this "plugin /extension" when i'm making banners for adwords?(google display network) or is this an extra code, that causes maybe problems?
  9. hello..retropunk.. do you if it is possible to make the flip in animate CC?
  10. Thanks everyone..im gonna tween!!
  11. Hello, is there a list for all commands which working without Gsap? like: scale x:100 opacity ( or alpha..??) rotation and others, i want to create but i dont know the possibilities i know the easy/Bounce options Like to hear it, so i can go on playing
  12. hello...does anybody know how to get a little movie out of adobe animate? of course...this is more an adobe animate question...i've already ask it there...but they saying to convert everything to as3... " so you would need to go through each script, uncomment it, and change any syntax differences to be AS3. Most likely you would have to include the Greensock import lines." maybe you have ever deal with it, and have an easy answer otherwise..i can make a screen capture with quicktime
  13. sorry, i don't get it... do you also have animate doc? these are html docs... i'm a newbie, but do you mean, that you make 1 banner as example 300x250...and after you published it..you make the different sizes just by overwriting the html? i'm also looking for a animate doc, gsap ready, where i can change the images and movings.. i've tried it with the one of gsap animate starter files...but it using a builded logo from illustrations...the best for my learning is a image..which i can overwrite or change, and from there changing, and so learning to animatie in animate cc with gsap...i hope you something like that.. grt newbie marcel
  14. thanks carl.. i was thinking that animate cc was the new Adobe Edge...but it is totally different software..it's more the new Flash... so different to work with it... my steps in animation are: 1. adobe edge with timeline 2. adobe edge with placing images and animate them with code 3. codepen ( html with classes, css with positioning and JS for animation ) 4. will be working with Animation CC....but i'm glad google now host greensock, so i hope that i can make banners below the 150kb
  15. a little notice do i have to make animations by the code...or can it be done in animate with the tools? i can do both, but maybe with tools is quicker and easier i think its in code...because when i start the timeline..nothing is happend