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  1. Like Jack's point #1, the way we communicate our ideas is such an important facet in team collaboration. And when the conversation is about process/workflow/tooling, people can be fairly protective. A thought that comes to mind is taking one of the creatives you guys have done, or a small piece of a previous/current project, and re-animating what was previously done with CSS with GSAP - do that on your time. Maybe showing them a working example that they don't have to put any effort or time into can help bridge any communication issues, or be something that is a gentle nudge now, but helps moving the ball closer to GSAP integration in future projects. Good luck!
  2. Okay, sorry for the double post, but I just ordered my shirt. Flaunt my inner geek and all that. Jack, tell your buddy thanks for getting some merchandise ideas going. It's appreciated for us fans of you and Carl and the team.
  3. Thanks for this and the update to it, Petr! GSAP snippets directly to my brain...only prettier.
  4. Hmm, selling a single bright green sock is bound to confuse people wanting a pair. Think of all the dryers that would get blamed for eating the other half of the pair. I would get a huge kick outta seeing a fellow green tweener wearing a shirt (and needing to know where the person got it). I think I'm going to have to orde myself one. Thanks for the info folks!