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  1. Hi and thanks for your reply! Your approach looks quite good. But the problem is that my timeline exists of about 100 entries that all have different durations. So it is not possible to fill in static 2sec for instance. To clarify what it mean by "skip" please have a look at this comparison of TimelineMax and simple TweenMax: http://jsfiddle.net/06x8umwa/3/ Please trigger the button about 5 times immediately. As you might see the multiple animations are some kind of merged towards one animation when using simple TweenMax only. But TimelineMax complete one animation after the other. I need the same behavior to a TimelineMax. Hope things getting clearer. Thank you!
  2. I wonder how to skip resp. merge tweenTo() event when triggered multiple times. Let me give an example first of all to illustrate my purpose: http://jsfiddle.net/vvweosts/1/ For now every single animation finalizes seperate each time when the button is triggered multiple times before given tweenmax is complete. But i would like to some kind of merge all triggered tweenTo() to one single animation. One tweenMax has a duration of 2sec that scale for 0.1. When i trigger the button 4 times immediately consecutively i would like the animation to end at scale(0.4) with a duration of about 2sec. Thank you in advance