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  1. Thanks for your answer but no Actually, I have a specific case which crashes my browser and it didn't really help. I'll try and create a plnkr/codepen version of it!
  2. Hello again! What would you think is the best way to animate a huge circle with GSAP? I've tried : Changing the width/height of a div with border radius (small to big) Changing the scale of a div with border radius (big scaled down to small and then scaled back up) Changing the width/height of a svg circle For example, http://plnkr.co/edit/vgmRe65FmzmzpcpHR7KM in full screen. But the animation is not really smooth on Firefox. I was wondering if my only option is to use a canvas element. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your answer! But I was mostly wondering why gsap behaved that way. I set the box shadow in css because I needed an initial value, before even gsap is loaded
  4. Hello, I was trying to animate an inset boxShadow on an element and I saw something weird. If the element has an inset boxShadow and I tween to another inset boxShadow, the border goes outside the element. It works ok if I remove the inset on the Tween command. Example : http://plnkr.co/edit/x7OoyDcVdod2DQjB6HzP?p=preview Is this normal behaviour? Thank you
  5. Oops, forgot to reply. Thank you for the quick answer!
  6. http://jsfiddle.net/nqdaj3cL/ Hello! I have a (maybe simple) problem with transforms and GSAP: I want to scale a centered object and modify its width but as you can see in the fiddle, the object isn't centered after the animation. It's because the translate(-50%, -50%) isn't honored anymore as GSAP keeps in memory the initial x and y values. But if I remove the matrix in the inspector and modify manually a transform : scale, it centers fine. What can I do in this case? Thank you!