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  1. This is working great for scroll can this method be applied to an object using draggable ad throwProps? That is really what i was attempting to acheive with the example i submitted.
  2. @Diaco.AW thx. yes finally seeing the inertia on the stage but how is this assigned to only have an object scroll with the inertia?
  3. Any clue on how to enable the throwProps plugin found in the Shockingly Green library set of Greensock. The momentum scrolling in the feature found on this site works exactly the way it should on iOS http://greensock.com/draggable The scrolling example I've attached has no momentum or inertia when viewing on an iOS device. Ive easily been able to get other libraries to work with no hick-ups but this scroller feature has been bugging me. I'm sure it's something super simple and I'm just overlooking. The current libraries i'm calling are Draggable, Throwprops, TweenMax. Using Edge Animate 2014.1.1 Any thoughts? [edit: files removed that included bonus plugins]