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  1. that can work. getting weird results when setting autoScroll:1 it auto-scrolls to the right at times it goes beyond it's edgeResistance but has a hard time moving left. using same codepen.
  2. ah data-clickable="true" I must have over looked that one. works great! I was not planning on the inside children not to be draggable. I was hoping for the draggable object not wiggle / snap or bounce when settingMovement:1 and for it not to trigger click, but if not possible not possible.
  3. Hello I was wondering how I can click on children without firing onClick from draggable if child is clicked. also how to prevent Draggable from firing click event if user swipes/drags outside of bounds the onClick event is dispatched. MAC IOS Yosemite Chrome: Version 41.0.2272.118 (64-bit)
  4. Now that Draggable was made, will it have following in the future? Tap DoubleTap Swipe Drag Pinch Rotate
  5. Interesting I never used "#divName" before I always used TweenMax.to(myDiv... and worked so I assumed GSAP did the translation.
  6. my FF just auto updated to v. 35 and it works now. guess it's no longer an issue. I should fire FF a bit more often so it can auto update more often. Thank You Jonathan
  7. Im using FF 34 on MAC I posted a stripped down version of what i'm working on, I do have children but i'm still getting the same results using immediateRender:false I revised the codepen and it happens on line 84.
  8. Newbie here. When using transformPerspective + fromTo and setting alpha:0 to alpha:1 tween never happens. But if alpha value is never set or alpha is 1 to 1 everything works just fine . This is only in FF.