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  1. I want to utilizy stagevideo with VideoLoader. I saw stageVideo constructor parameter and stageVideo get/set property. But wanted to be aware that it is properly supported. Thats why i looked throught the source code and have some questions regarding. 1) If i want to switch to StageVideo and back again to Video dynamically (e.g. StageVideo is avaliable when direct wmode is one, but with one exception - fullscreen mode enables it regardless from wmode parameter, so we can switch to stagevideo on fullscreen and back to video in regular mode), what is the safe reccomended way to do it using VideoLoader? Using stageVideo set property? from source code i see that this property setter does not detach(set null stream) previous content(_video or _stageVideo), want it cause problems? 2) i see lots of _sprite.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,...) eventlisteners in code. Havent looked deeply what they intend to do, but in case of stageVideo won't they become useless/limit some functionality?
  2. Fix works thanks. I have another question. Lets imagine there is a chance that modified url (with gsCacheBusterID purpose added) can fail audit reuqest. What will happen then? Will the actual request be done anyway afterward? How this can be handled properly.
  3. Looked into code. Yes that was the fix for me. But be aware that i haven't properly tested 100 ms delay, maybe even less delay will work fine or viсe versa there is a chance that 100 is not enough (foe me it was enough for my environment and bandwidth(if it matters)).
  4. Thanks for the answer i will try it
  5. Thanks for the answer. Yesterday i was able to determine that the problem was in the mp4 files that had metadata at the very end of file, after moving it to the beginning of file (http://rndware.info/products/metadata-mover.html) onMetadata handler is called almost immediately. But when metadata is at the end of file the issue exist - No metadata error raised. I ve done some investigation. It turns our that it occur randomly (at least for my environment and files i tested). The reason for it is the order of the last ENTER_FRAME (the one when _cachedBytesLoaded == _cachedBytesTotal) occurs just before onMetadata event. I ve added traces to the _metaDataHandler and onError and OnComplete handlers. This is the output when no error present (i told that it occurs randomly): _metaDataHandler video oncomplete loader oncomplete _metaDataHandler Have no idea why _metaDataHandler outputed twice. this is the output when error occurs: video onerror loader onerror video oncomplete loader oncomplete _metaDataHandler I made anotehr test. I wrapped code responsible for inited check/error raise in _loadingProgressCheck method inside setTimeout to delay that check to give onMetaData chance to execute before. Also i added some trace to check if metaData was null before setTimeout. trace(this.metaData == null); setTimeout(function(){ if (!_initted) { _forceInit(); _errorHandler(new LoaderEvent(LoaderEvent.ERROR, this, "No metaData was received.")); } _completeHandler(event); }, 100); Now the error was not raised when metadata is null. This is the trace output for that case. true _metaDataHandler video oncomplete loader oncomplete
  6. Strange error. Occurs for specific videos. Here is the example link https://devsourcedatabucket.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/v2stolyarov/72bcf15b-f81d-40d0-87c5-5735613c2e4b.mp4?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIW6TH2LBYDGWNUCA&Expires=1427900820&Signature=CTE7fjoK5VCeL%2FDDXx6xacm%2B%2Fuc%3D This error happens when the whole video was fully loaded just before completed event. Error is raised _loadingProgressCheck in .... if (_cachedBytesLoaded == _cachedBytesTotal) { ... if (!_initted) { _forceInit(); _errorHandler(new LoaderEvent(LoaderEvent.ERROR, this, "No metaData was received.")); } ... } right after the error raised the _metaDataHandler is triggered and metaData is set. I am thinking that it is somehow connected with race conditions when metadata event is raised after the whole video is downloaded. Also it happens only when i use VideoLoader through LoaderMax while when using it (VideoLoader ) directly it doesn't happen. But i suspect that it may be just the accident and doesnt matter much. UPDATE: Looks like it is random, cos after lots of tests it vanished, but i generated another link and it reproduced again. Also looks like whne i set auditSize:true it doesnt occur (metadata is set just before complete event). So please check if it is theoretically possible that race conditions occur. Also just a question - what does it mean that metadata is retrieved when the video is fully uploaded? Metadata is not present at all and is extracted from it when the whole media is loaded? Or it is encoded in such a way that can be retriwved when teh last byte is uploaded? Environment: Win 7. Flash builder 4.6, Chrome 39 ,Shockwave Flash 16.0 r0 Debug (pepflashplayer32_16_0_0_257.dll). LoaderMax VERSION: 1.938 DATE: 2014-06-26, VideoLoader VERSION: 1.938 DATE: 2013-07-16
  7. BUG 1. Here is the signed test url to video on Amazon s3 bucket. https://devsourcedatabucket.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/v2stolyarov/1e8505e1-51a4-41ba-84f8-cf13ecfbcc6c.mp4?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIW6TH2LBYDGWNUCA&Expires=1427808540&Signature=aijVzGhTukgz32VZ1DSLfJZckuU%3D The problem is that when i set auditSize:true in LoaderMax i see such an url in the network panel(chrome) and request fails. https://devsourcedatabucket.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/v2stolyarov/1e8505e1-51a4-41ba-84f8-cf13ecfbcc6c.mp4?gsCacheBusterID=1421757242968&purpose=audit&Signature=aijVzGhTukgz32VZ1DSLfJZckuU%253D&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIW6TH2LBYDGWNUCA&Expires=1427808540 Look at the Signature parameter value, it was modified somehow at the end (aijVzGhTukgz32VZ1DSLfJZckuU%3D vs aijVzGhTukgz32VZ1DSLfJZckuU%253D) When is set allowMalformedURL:true in the VideoLoader that i pass to LoaderMax the initial url is preserved BUT new parameters (gsCacheBusterID) are appended without "&" separator. Look: https://devsourcedatabucket.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/v2stolyarov/1e8505e1-51a4-41ba-84f8-cf13ecfbcc6c.mp4?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIW6TH2LBYDGWNUCA&Expires=1427808540&Signature=aijVzGhTukgz32VZ1DSLfJZckuU%3DgsCacheBusterID=1421757910936&purpose=audit Minor issues here: Also query string parameters order is not preserved when allowMalformedURL:false. It would be good if the order could be preserved in future versions, also it would be good to be able to tell loader not to modify url at all for audit requests if possible. BUG 2. When i use VideoLoader (allowMalformedURL:false) directly without LoaderMax for the above test url with querystring parameters i see the following url in network panel with failure: https://devsourcedatabucket.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/v2stolyarov/1e8505e1-51a4-41ba-84f8-cf13ecfbcc6c.mp4 So you can see that querystring is trimmed. When i set allowMalformedURL:true it works fine. Environment: Win 7. Flash builder 4.6, Chrome 39 ,Shockwave Flash 16.0 r0 Debug (pepflashplayer32_16_0_0_257.dll). LoaderMax VERSION: 1.938 DATE: 2014-06-26, VideoLoader VERSION: 1.938 DATE: 2013-07-16