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  1. This is exactly right solution which i try to find. Really simple way! Now animation works awesome & superfast! Thank you very very much Carl!
  2. Ok. Now i see what's wrong in my code logic. But i don't know how to write my functions for proper work. Should i use IF conditions or pass parameters into my functions or something else to animate worklmgContainer to className "expanded" & then select this className & animate back to original class? Any ideas?
  3. Hello Carl, Jonathan & all GSAP crew. First of all I wanna tell you HUGE THANKS for your awesome library. GSAP is the best one for web animation. W3C should add it for standarts of HTML5 or HTML6 =) Now about my strange issue. For my project i used scrollTo plugin & TweenMax.to className. Animation works fine when you click once or twice on image. But if you click a few more times animation starts glitching. And few more times & browser hangs off. I have 10 images on page & when you click on every image to expand it animation starts glitching too. Maybe it's problem with logic of my code or something else. I created a small codepen demo to show you my problem. Please help me to solve it.