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  1. I understood the question a bit differently - I think he was asking if, when dragging an element's x/y (NOT scrolling), and he reaches the edge of a scrollable container, if it'd automatically scroll for him. The answer is "no". Sorry, there is no such feature in Draggable. It'd be a bit tricky because it'd have to be able to sense any and all nested containers and try to figure out which one should scroll if there are more than one. 

    I have exactly the same question. I need to drag some small elements inside a horizontally scrollable container, and I want that container to scroll automatically when element or mouse pointer is somewhere near left or right bound.

    Here's codepen: 

    See the Pen EaWjZG by ulmix (@ulmix) on CodePen

    Algo: onDrag:

    1) check where the mouse pointer is currently:

    1a: if near bounds, go to 2

    1b: if not, clearInterval(scrolling)

    2) check if we're scrolling already. If not, then start setInterval, where I change scrollLeft of container, and trying to change draggable element position and update() it.

    onDragEnd: stop scrolling if it is in process.

    Unfortunately, update() behaves VERY strange here: element jumps all over the place. Why? I can't understand.


    And considering your "It'd be a bit tricky because it'd have to be able to sense any and all nested containers" - that's not right. Solution is simple: check only parent container by default, and give us option to set custom element as "scroll container".

    So please, GSAP developers, hear me: the autoscroll option for your Draggable plugin is very desirable! :)



    UPDATE, additional questions.

    tried to implement more simple autoscroll, based on mousemove instead of setInterval - just like jQuery UI Draggable works. Here's what I've got:


    See the Pen KwWpbB by ulmix (@ulmix) on CodePen

    - implementation for XY drag. Just works.


    See the Pen NPpqoY by ulmix (@ulmix) on CodePen

    - implementation for X drag (" type: 'x' " added) - strange behaviour, drag element jumps far forward when trying to scroll


    See the Pen pveJYx by ulmix (@ulmix) on CodePen

    - implementation for X drag (" lockAxis: true " added) - works normally.

    So, the question is: why option 2 - with type: 'x', but without lockAxis: true - is not working properly?