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  1. Thanks Carl - does the DirectonalRotationPlugin still require the TransformAroundPoint|Center plugin?
  2. Hi there, I have a feeling this is a really stupid question simply because it feels like it should be so easy, yet I can't find a solution online that will work for me. I have a Sprite that I want to tween the rotation using the "shortRotation" plugin. Everything is generally ok, except that: 1) The rotation is occurring around the top left point of the Sprite rather than the centre. I had read that the default transformation point is the centre, but then I saw a post that suggested this may have changed? 2) I've tried specifying the transformOrigin using two methods I found online - neither of which work. This is my basic call: [public var _secondHand:Sprite = new Sprite();] TweenLite.to( _secondHand, 1, {shortRotation:{rotation: _secondsDeg } } ); I read that one could specify the origin as a parameter: TweenLite.to( _secondHand, 1, {shortRotation:{ rotation: _secondsDeg }, transformOrigin:"50% 50%" }); This results in a runtime error as transformOrigin isn't a property of Sprite... Should I not be using Sprite?? I also read that you can set a property value on an object using TweenLite.set( ... ). I tried this too but it also fails at runtime. I've also seen references to another plugin "transformAroundCenter" (and AroundPoint) but I don't have Club membership so I don't have these plugins. Have these plugins replaced support for transformOrigin? Please help! I really like TweenLite so I'm hopeful I can get this to work! Cheers, Oliver