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  1. I'm trying to build a slide-out menu in an app that runs within an SVG tag and everything works except the grid snapping. Codepen I've tried using console.log(endValue) where the Codepen says alert() but it doesn't seem to get triggered. I was thinking that maybe snap was a feature inherited by the ThrowPropsPlugin (not using that) but I wasn't sure. The idea is that the menu element (#testE) can slide halfway out of screen OR fully visible.
  2. Thanks @Diaco.AW , that worked like a charm!
  3. Hey guy's, I hate my first post here to be a request but where can I find this mod of the Raphael plugin for Snap.svg? Or what "3 lines" do I need to adjust @anthonygreco ? I went out on a limb to do this project with two unknown factors: GSAP and Snap and even though the Raphael plugin works (for now) I would like to cover my bases as much as possible. @Carl, I love the framework. Simple, elegant and efficient !