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  1. The shiftChildren looks like a nice technique (thanks), though in this case I'd like to shift them dynamically without changing subsequent tweens. My current thought is to create an array of tweens, each of which is then inserted to the timeline. If I then update the start time of any one of these tweens using the startTime() method, would this automatically update its starting time in the timeline, or would I have to manually remove it from the timeline and reinsert it at the new starting position? Thanks.
  2. Is it possible to move labels around dynamically after they have been created? The reason I ask is that the parameters of my tweens are changing dynamically in realtime. If the start and end point of the tween moves, then I have to remove the tween from the timeline, and insert a new tween with the new parameters. What would be very nice, is if I can create the tweens based on labeled positions, and then move those labels dynamically...with the start points of those tweens moving accordingly. Is this possible? Thanks.