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  1. Thanks Jack. Btw, just talked to the tech-guys at the platform and they said it's fine to use the CDN. Thought they wanted to keep these kind of things in there own hand or something, but I was wrong. Saves me a bunch of kb's Still good to know about gzip though.
  2. Thanks Diaco and Jack. I'm kinda new to JavaScript but Diaco's solution looks great. @Jack, how would I use the gzip file? Use the regular TweenMax.min.js for the concept (to show the client) and check if the platform (where the banner ads are sended to) if they gzip the files (automatically)?
  3. Hi, Working on some banner ads, where filesize is important, I was wondering if it is possible to use the yoyo effect without loading TweenMax.min.js . At the moment it's the only effect I'm using TweenMax for, but it's an extra 76 kb if I'm not mistaking. I included a codepen demo where I built the yoyo effect as a TweenLite sequence, but it's not very beautiful to copy paste this every time I want a similar effect. Been looking around at the forum, but can't really find a solution (Using the CDN links is of course an option, I know). Thanks in advance, Wouter
  4. Hi! Thanks for the CSS test, which does look the same indeed. Your answer sounds reassuring, I guess the lesson is to be careful with small scaling and the kind. Thanks for the quick answer, cool to be an active member now instead of the occasional reading of threads
  5. Hi all, Recently switched to the JS environment, after working with Greensock for some months in Flash. I have a question: I've been working on a banner ad where a DIV is rotatated and scaled. It is a scale up of 20% over 4 seconds, causing FireFox to render the animation not very smoothly. Chrome works like a charm and Safari is having some problems too I guess (I couldn't watch it on IE yet...). I added a codepen, but have the feeling the effect is a little bit worse in my own file. Any ideas how this is caused? Is it the rotation combined with the scale? Thanks in advance!